Jaw Surgeries

An oral surgeon is a specialist who has an expertise in performing surgeries related to teeth,mouth & structures adjoining it. Here is brief description of some common dental/oral surgeries performed by our expert oral surgeon.

Performed in the upper/lower jaws to facilitate wearing of dentures, crown & bridges, Implants. This includes alveoplasty ( smoothening of bony ridges where dentures are going to seat ), vestibuloplasty ( deepening of vestibules to increase the surface area of bony ridges ),removal of tori ( bony nodules in the jaws ).

Removal of a tissue flap below the upper lip in the mouth if it is too much prominent creating problem in dentures or is responsible for the space in between upper two front teeth.

Removal of small cyst(infected tissue in the bone over the tooth root).

Increasing the height of the tooth which is too short to support the crown.

Removal of puss/infection from a swollen jaw/gum by puncturing/cutting the skin & draining it.

It can be mostly an upper or lower third molar or a canine tooth which is buried in the bone & needs to be surgically removed.

Advanced oral surgical procedures:

  • Removal of big cysts & tumours in the jaws which is usually done under general anesthesia in an operation theatre setup.
  • Jaw joint(TMJ) surgeries:like TM joint ankylosis,subluxation,dis location.
  • Fixing Jaw fractures & facial cuts due to trauma from accidents ,sports injury, violence.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia surgeries.
  • Implant surgeries:sinus lift,nerve repositioning,ridge augmentation.
  • Closure of oro antral fistula:Simple flaps,Caldwell luc operation.
  • Cosmetic surgeries of face & correction of jaw deformities

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